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Training Your Family Dog

Training for Both Ends of the Leash!

Whether your dog is a new addition to your household or already a beloved member of the family, we can work with you and your dog one-on-one with our highly effective Private Lessons. Your dog can become the best companion you’ve ever had. This is ideal for people who want the entire household involved in the training, so the dog responds to everyone. Seniors and people with limited mobility love in-home training. Personal classes like these focus on your dog–unlike group classes where you are lucky to get 10 minutes of the trainer’s time in a one-hour class. Classes are scheduled Monday - Friday 9am -5pm

If you want…

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Exclusive focus on your dog’s behavior issues

  • Involvement of all the family members in the training

  • Your dog to learn quickly in a setting free of distractions

  • Freedom from being embarrassed at a group dog training class
                   Contact Jean Cary 1-650-208-4978

    Advantages of Private Instruction

    We all want a dog that is calm with strangers and children and a delight to take on hikes or on family outings. The reality is that a dog that jumps on visitors, barks inappropriately, or drags you behind the leash is not a pleasure to be with. If you want to see quick improvements in your dog’s demeanor you need to invest money, time and effort to consistently train the dog to get the behaviors you desire. Private in-home dog training provides customized programs designed for busy families and individuals who are looking for ease in training their dog.

I especially love her patience with both my dog AND me! I was very insecure and unsure of myself at the start of our training. Week by week I am gaining more confidence, which translates into being able to better help my dog.

Our Training Program Includes:

Puppy Training

Crate training, housebreaking, stopping dog nipping, socialization with other dogs, interacting with children, “puppy proofing” your home and yard, as well as introductory obedience skills.

Dog Training

Sit, stay, come, down, “leave it”, “off”, leash walking, greeting other dogs, tricks and games, off-leash control.

These behavior issues are addressed at all levels of training: pulling on the leash, jumping up, bolting out the door, nuisance barking, nipping, and food guarding.

The Process:

Step One
At the initial 90 minute consultation we evaluate your dog’s behavior, his training requirements and your goals. Together we establish a customized training program for your dog. Then we begin right away with the appropriate training exercises.

Step Two
Each one-on-one training session or Day Training session lasts 60 minutes. Owners are given a written review of the behaviors covered and a practice assignment for the next session.

Step Three

We offer continuing training to polish the skills listed above and then focus on off-leash work, games and tricks. Some owners use these classes to refine skills of good etiquette at outdoor coffee shops and public parks. Other owners work on perfecting the skill set for the dog to pass Canine Good Citizenship testing and go on to do Therapy work in hospital and library settings.These sessions are structured to take into consideration your goals for the dog, the speed at which your dog learns and your ability to consistently practice the behaviors.


Private Training services are offered at $175 per hour, payable by check or cash. Basic Training requires a commitment to at least four sessions ($700) in order that you and your dog have the best opportunity to succeed. Most clients sign their dogs up for 3 months of training to get the longest lasting benefit from the instruction.

We offer online classes and coaching for dog training  during the pandemic and for  dog owners who reside outside of our training area.

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