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I Have a Lab

I thought I was living with a beaver when I saw the chewed edges of my patio

furniture, but then I remembered I have a Lab.

There couldn't of been more than three inches of water in the only puddle in the

field, but my dog veered away from the tossed ball and dashed in for a quick

wallow in the mud. I have a Lab.

My dog loves everyone she meets. Her enthusiasm might be a problem for me,

but I have a Lab.

In spite of the daily vacuuming, there's not a corner of my hardwood floor that

doesn't have a swirl of blonde dog hair on it because I have a Lab.

My dog has been with me on buses, trains and automobiles. This might faze

other dogs, but I have a Lab.

My dog can carry a package for several blocks, pick up objects on command, pull

off my socks and bring the leash and shoes before we go for a walk. She hunts

with Allen and brings home pheasants to cook. The first thing in the morning she

wakes me up with a whole body wiggle and a toy in her mouth. She approaches

each day with the attitude: something wonderful is just about to happen!

My life is fun because I have a Lab.


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